What is a Corporate Strategy?

By | November 5, 2013
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A Corporate Strategy  is a Business Strategy that covers all of the business units in a corporation.  It involves decisions like which industries to be in, how diversified or specialized to be, whether/how to acquire or divest parts of the supply chain, how to fund it all, etc.  It also involves how to set and report on business unit objectives at the group level, which depends upon how they spread investment across the business units, which depends upon how attractive their industries are projected to be.

Corporate strategists are looking for ways to share resources across business units to create synergy or economies of scale.

A corporate level strategist might decide to reorganize the business units to focus each on a market segment instead of a product.

I am not a corporate strategist and I am guessing that you aren’t either.  So why am I taking your time with it?  I care about corporate strategy because it is part of the business strategy, which is a required input for strategizing about technology.

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