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By | June 15, 2014
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Big banks are SO complicated.  Every rule has so many exceptions that you wonder why we have rules.  There are so many strategies and business models that no one knows about them all.  Operating models are designed more around legacy constraints than any business model or standardization/integration scheme.  Middle management and even some executives have long grown cynical about trying to pull together to create an enterprise and are simply trying to maintain order on their own floor.  Digital Bank says: “And the politics internally are the greatest blockage for change and, without that change, banks are stuck with piecemeal data sets being analyzed in pieces.

So enough with the drag of politics and the inertia of culture.  Let’s design a bank from scratch that is new and simple!

IMG_0159cI like the name “exampleBank” and the tag line “the good example bank“.  It is descriptive and a social statement at the same time!

The corporate HQ building will be designed after how it all fits together to emphasize that the purpose of exampleBank is to help me get my head around a simplified end-to-end planning process.

Strategy will be neatly separated onto the top floor.  Services and operations will be designed in Design on level 3.  The Transformation function will work on level 2 to plot changes to the unsuspecting Production function on level 1.

Well, here we go.  My executive team will start fashioning the corporate strategy in my following posts, starting with a look at trends.

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