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By | June 16, 2014
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The executive team is busy working in the strategy department on level 4 of the exampleBank Headquarters (HQ) building. They are starting the very first iteration of the exampleBank strategy process. At this point levels 1-3 of the HQ building are empty. In fact, most of level 4 is a concrete floor. They are working in the only finished room: corporate research.

If we go back to how it all fits together we see that the first step of the strategy process is an environment scan to find the most important forces and trends. I will start by identifying the trends that I want to account for in the exampleBank strategy.





  • Increased Affluence: Around the world GDP’s are going up and people are becoming more affluent. In Asia financial services, an important trend is the emerging affluent segment. Affluent people are better educated and have more resources, which means more selective customers with higher expectations and more cash to save and invest.

This is all I have for now. Comment on this post if you have a few more that should be considered. I say “a few” because there are hundreds of trends that could be considered. I only want to spend a limited amount of time considering the most important trends affecting for banking.

Next on the agenda is a look at forces.

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