Why Do I Blog?

By | May 21, 2014

The world is getting harder to understand because it is changing faster and in ways that are hard to predict.  I left Bank of America to return to IBM about 8 years ago, and since that time the questions that I have been asked to tackle have gradually changed from questions about how to build things to questions about what to build.  As an architect I am still focused on banking channels, but I have morphed into a technologist engaged in business model innovation.  Now, I spend a lot of time thinking about how banks can gain a competitive advantage by exploiting technologies to better engage customers.

This blog is a place for me to organize my thoughts about…

  1. Understanding the financial services industry and how it is changing
  2. Understanding technology trends and how they impact financial services and systems of engagement
  3. Positioning firms for success in financial services
  4. Envisioning the next systems of engagement for financial services
  5. Creating strategy, a strategy process, and how it all fits together
  6. Learning and innovating quickly (which takes us back to #1).

Or, in other words, figuring out better ways to figure out what to build.

I write each post in my blog to be useful to myself and others as a reference.  My blog posts are based on my years of learning having read hundreds of books, worked for a leading US bank, co-founding a start-up, and built IBM products.  Most recently at IBM, I have visited banks in about 30 countries to talk about the business drivers and technical challenges of providing integrated banking user experiences to retail and corporate customers.

I have published my blog because I hope to connect with others doing similar work.  Figuring things out is always more fun and more productive when we do it together.

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