What is technology-driven change?

By | June 22, 2014
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Defining this one for myself. No references yet — just my opinion.

I define “change” as the effect of trends on me.  OK, I give some thought to you also.  But it has to at least be someone in the real world.

Technology-driven change would be a technology trend driving other trends such as: techTrend–>indTrend–>mktTrend.

An example is mobile apps. The technology appeared before any apparent market demand. Companies saw the potential for competitive advantage through mobile apps, and the market accepted them.
The tell-tale sign is the “this is cool now what do we do with it” phase. I see it in the internet of things now.

One implication of this change is market-driven change, where market expectations for mobile apps drove companies in other industries to provide them in an unsustainable way, and then look for new technologies to make it sustainable such as mobile platforms and ultimately cloud computing. So mktTrend–>indTrend–>techTrend.  Change causes change and the changes ripple on and on.

I suppose there is also industry-led change. An example of this is mass genome mapping where companies smell profits and develop the needed technology on the hope that the market will accept it.

So who cares?   Why the new words?  I don’t see these as words–I see them as data structures.   I am a software guy.   I want to model these concepts so I can talk about them efficiently and possibly automate the model to do simulations.   Someday.

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