Technology Trend: WiFi Availability

By | June 25, 2014
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According to Digital Banker the number of WiFi units shipped has quadrupled in the last five years (as of mid-2014).

This should also be considered a market trend as consumers are most certainly coming to expect WiFi.  I keep the mobile data turned off on one of my phones and I know many who do the same.  I get annoyed when a place of business does not provide WiFi.

I can not imagine working without WiFi but many bank branch employees must do just that.  How do they help customers without access to the bank Web site and Google?  Do they drag customers back to their desk?  If so, the site they need access to is probably blocked–An architect at a major bank in ASEAN complained that he couldn’t even access my blog!

Banks need WiFi in their branches for both their employees and their customers.

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