Strategic Technology: Web Content Management (IBM WCM)

By | July 14, 2014
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WordPress, which I use to produce my blog, is an example of a content manager. WordPress allows me to create my blog without writing any code or HTML by separating content from presentation.  The content that I enter is stored in a database.  I can select from various themes that control how it is displayed.   All of the functions required for blogging have been built into the platform by people who know a lot more about blogging than I do.  I can enter blog posts, store images, use images in blog posts, etc.  I can add plug-ins that provide additional functionality such as arranging posts into a series, filtering out SPAM comments, etc.  Look at my “Blogging” menu for more info about WordPress and blogging.

Enterprise class Web content management technologies such as IBM Web Content Manager (WCM) bring more sophisticated functions such as ease of use for business users and workflow that enable the types and uses of content needed by organizations.

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