Note to self about Trust, likability and digital channels…

By | November 16, 2013

I was considering a passage in a book I am reading:

Trust is gained through a combination of factors. Likability is one of them. People more easily trust those they like. Likability ties in directly with similarity. We trust those who are similar to us. To influence others with likability, you have to express genuine interest in them. You have to speak their language by using words they use and frames of reference they understand. Making people feel comfortable by subtly mirroring their nonverbal communication contributes to the feeling of similarity.”

And it occurred to me that the passage, as applicable as it is to interpersonal matters, is just as applicable to getting people to like and therefore trust a company. It is applicable to digital channels and suggests tailoring a digital experience based on details about a person that can be learned from any number of sources.

So which book?

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