Learn, code, monetize

By | June 8, 2014

I found an interesting post titled Competing in a World of Software-Defined Everything by Chuck Hollis, a frequent blogger on cloud computing, about a new product cycle named “Learn, code, monetize”.

Chuck suggests that going forward organizations will compete primarily based upon know-how.  Expertise and the unique understanding of how to apply it to gain a competitive advantage in some business is core to the value of the organization.  The ability to code human expertise into computer systems then becomes a key differentiator.  Companies must focus on improving their ability to

  1. increase this know-how (analytics) and
  2. convert this expertise into software (DevOps).

The organization who can go through the learn, code, monetize cycle the fastest wins.

This is driving companies to abandon legacy computing environments (slow cycle) and move to cloud computing (fast cycle).


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