Industry Trend: Social Servicing

By | June 28, 2014
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Banks are servicing customers on social media and this has a profound effect on the tone of customer comments on social media, according to Digital Bank.

In the book Skinner interviews Banco Sabvadell, a top-six bank in Spain who has serviced customers on social media since 2010 and see social media as “like a pub where people go to chat.”  They use it as an “integrated service channel” and a “video content viralization platform”, and as a way to have human conversations with customers.  It is a sales tool as well, with customer comments leading to sales, such as a positive comment by a taxi driver about a POS device in his cab.  Social media are leveraged by multiple organizations from the multichannel service team to the communications and marketing team.  Pol Navarro believes sees a tend in integrating Big Data and CRM to increase knowledge about customers and provide a more personalized experience.  Social media content is an important data source.

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