Strategic Technology: Web Analytics (CoreMetrics)

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Web Analytics solutions help improve Web sites by analyzing real time information or information gathered from Web server logs to uncover usage patterns. Simple, free Web analytics solutions are popular such as Google Analytics. IBM CoreMetrics is a popular paid Web Analytics solution.  Others include Adobe SiteCatalyst, WebTrends and ClickTrends.

What are Critical Success Factors?

Software architects work with business leaders to design software based upon business requirements.  A common problem is that our customers sometimes provide a specification of how the software should work instead of what it is supposed to accomplish.  Providing a functional or technical specification limits our flexibility to do design. A good way to avoid… Read More »

Strategic Technology: Strong Mobile Authentication (SoftKEY)

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We all dutifully endure the user ID and password on the hope that it will preserve our privacy, money and identity. As we need more and more user IDs and passwords we begin to reuse them and write them down, making them easier for friends, hackers or fellow train passengers to find. Also, snooping software… Read More »

Reading List: Ishmael, An adventure of the Mind and Spirit

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I talk a lot about technology strategy and the importance of technology strategy to business strategy.  I think it is important to understand the importance of technology historically in order to grasp what is actually at stake here.  For that, best to go back to ancient times and look at what effect past technological advances… Read More »

Digital Build vs. Buy

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A common question that I have helped banks struggle with over the years is “build vs. buy”.  For digital banking channels, banks are wondering if they should build a bespoke banking multi/omni/channel offing or buy a packaged product/platform. The arguments for both sides are compelling: Building a bespoke solution offers the hope of creating a… Read More »

Strategic Technology: Service Virtualization (GreenHat)

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Service Virtualization encompasses a strategy and tool set for stubbing out components that provide services required to run a component under test.  An example service virtualization tool is IBM’s Rational Test Virtualization Server (formerly GreenHat).