Strategic Technology: Mobile Test Tools

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In many cases, to be practical mobile app testing must be automated with tools that have some sort of record/replay functionality.  One enabler for this capability is the IBM Rational Workbench Toolset.

Another approach is a cloud-based set of services named Mobile Quality Assurance Facility.  You crowd source testing by uploading your app to the cloud and allowing people subscribe to test it.  Crash reports and other information is gathered in the crowd and the cloud.

Strategic Technology: Mobile Messaging (IBM Xtify)

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Mobile messaging provides an SDK that applications use to allow messages to be transmitted to the app according to customer preferences and user characteristics.  This provides a single messaging platform instead of different message channels across mobile ecosystems.

IBM Xtify, IBM’s recent acquisition, helps marketers engage with customers through broadcast, narrowcast, and one-to-one mobile messaging.

Strategic Technology: Mobile Device/App Mgt (IBM Fiberlink MaaS360)

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Fiberlink MaaS360 allows clients to address their BYOD challenges by offering cloud-based mobile device management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and secure containerization; giving organizations the building blocks to separate data and content in personal applications from data and content in enterprise applications on mobile devices.

The following products are available in MaaS360: