Strategic Technology: Release Coordination (UrbanCode Release)

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Software development teams following an agile process to incrementally develop, build, deploy and release enterprise applications quickly find that keeping track of all of the components and inter-dependencies becomes unmanageable.  Spreadsheets become laborious to maintain and do not track the process and keep a record of who did what. Release Coordination solutions such as UrbanCode… Read More »

Strategic Technology: Application Deployment Automation (UrbanCode Deploy)

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Continuous Integration and other modern code development practices seek to manage scale and complexity, and increase speed and quality, by introducing automation across the software development life cycle (SDLC).  This is especially true of areas that occur frequently and contain many repetitive steps such as the deployment and release processes. Development teams tend to build… Read More »

What is PCI DSS Compliance?

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The PCI Security Standards Council provides the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).   Certain organizations including financial services providers need to be compliant with this standard as evidence that they protect payment card holder data (CHD). The first step to applying the standard is to determine the portion of the IT environment where the standard… Read More »

My Travels

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IT Capability: User Centered Design

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The IT group is usually tasked with designing new applications.  I am not sure I advocate that but that is what I have seen in practice at banks.  Therefore, I categorize User Centered Design as an IT Capability. The following diagram lifted from Modern Web Development with IBM WebSphere gives a feel for what User… Read More »

Strategic Technology: JavaScript, Frameworks and Libraries

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I feel a little crazy listing JavaScript as a strategic technology — Even more crazy enumerating the related frameworks and libraries, which seem to replace each other far too frequently to be considered “strategic”.  But I want to make the point that how you build Web applications (including mobile Web and hybrid apps) can have… Read More »

Anatomy of a BlueMix App

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When you start out to create a cloud-based app it helps to understand the environment that it will run including the components that are external to it as well as the framework and runtime components that are integral to it. An app runs both on the device (client) and in the cloud (server) and invokes… Read More »

If I had time on my hands…

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I dream of having time on my hands.  Ah, what would I do to occupy myself if I was a high-school kid dreaming to get a start in software development? Knowing what I know now about how complicated developing software can get, I would try to do something very simple.  In fact, I would want… Read More »